CT Scans

At Hunter Radiology we know that most patients are nervous and worried about having a scan. We also understand that patients can be anxious about the results of their scans.

Our highly trained radiographers are there to help you through the process. We explain every step of the scan and ensure that you are comfortable with everything that is happening to you. At Hunter Radiology we ensure that when you are finished your scan you walk away and think “that wasn’t so bad”.

Many patients come to us frightened at the thought of a CT scan. They often get it confused with other types of scans and have been told frightening things by well-meaning family and friends about the tunnel and the noise and the terrible things that are going to happen. CT scans are usually very quick in the actual time spent on the scanner. CT scanners are not a tunnel they are a short donut shape. Claustrophobic patients often find that once they have seen the scanner, walked around the scanner and have had the procedure explained to them they are happy to go ahead. 

At Hunter Radiology we also work hard to ensure that the results of your scan are sent back to your referring doctor promptly. We understand that most patients who have had a CT scan want to know the result and have their minds put at rest. Our Radiologists work hard every day to view your images and send a report back to your Doctor within 24 hours of your scan. Usually the reports can be back to your Doctor the same day. Our Radiologists also try to communicate urgent findings back to your referring Doctor verbally, if possible, so any urgent follow-up can be taken promptly.

CT scans need an appointment and at Hunter Radiology we scan Monday to Friday from 8:10am until 5pm. We scan at both our Hunter St and our Glendale practices. Please call for an appointment and our clerical staff will give you any relevant preparation instructions needed.

For more detailed information regarding CT Scans and IV Contrast click here.

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