CT Colonography

A CT Colonography is a specialised Computer Tomography (CT) test to look specifically at the large bowel.

A CT scan uses x-rays and computer technology to produce cross sectional images of the body. CT scans produce a high quality image of the internal organs of the body and give a lot more detailed information than ordinary x-ray images in many cases. During the scan you will have to lie on the scan table and enter into the gantry (Donut). The hole in the gantry is large and will not cause claustrophobia in most patients.

This test looks at your large bowel. A strict preparation is needed to make sure the bowel is clean before the test. The large bowel is not seen clearly on routine CT scans and small abnormalities are not seen unless we perform the CT Colonography with gas in the bowel.

ct_brillianceA small tube is placed into your back passage and air is introduced into your bowel. You will be scanned laying on your back and laying prone, on your tummy. You may feel some discomfort similar to wind pains. The scan is very quick it should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

CT Colonography is normally performed is the patient is unable to have a conventional Colonoscopy. It is often performed after a Colonoscopy has failed due to technical or medical reasons. Medicare have strict rules around rebates for CT Colonography, please check with our clerical staff at the time of booking.

Preparation: Please follow the enclosed preparation instructions carefully. If the bowel is not prepared properly we may need to rebook the test, or continue the preparation for another day.

After: After the test you will have time to spend on the toilet to empty your bowels. Then you can leave and have breakfast and go about your normal day. You may feel mild discomfort until the gas passes from your bowel. You may use pain killers such as paracetamol to reduce your discomfort.

Your images will be closely examined by the radiologist and a report will be sent back to your doctor by the next day.

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